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The Clear-Cut Web Informer
Record what your child (or employee) looks at on the Internet
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Try our FREE Internet monitoring software - download the FREE 30 day demo version now. Parents - see what your kids are looking at on the Internet. Business Owners - see what your employees are doing or have done on the Internet. Our parental control software provides the most versatile Internet filter available. You will have safe Internet surfing with our website filter software.


Includes a 30 Day FREE Demo Period
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There are several Internet monitoring programs on the market that record the URLs (web addresses) that are visited, and even the text typed into Instant Messenger programs. BUT
THIS PROGRAM RECORDS THE VIDEO DISPLAY SO YOU SEE WHAT THEY SEE! Little video recordings are made and stored so you can play them back at any time. PLUS- ccINFORMER has the ability to block websites, or limit access to only the websites you choose for it. Here are more details on what ccINFORMER can do to protect your children or business:

This unique feature gives ccINFORMER the ability to show you what your children or employees are seeing - whether it's pictures or text. Other programs that capture text do it by recording the keystrokes typed on your computer. That doesn't capture the text sent to your child; only the text they send out. And because it's like a video recorder, it works for ANY chat program or website.
PRE-SCHOOLERS Use the “Green List” - you put in a list of the sites you want your child to be able to visit, AND THAT’S THE ONLY SITES THEY CAN SEE! Even if they click on an advertisement that would lead them to a site you did not approve, it will be blocked.
Use the “Red List” - you enter the websites you want to prevent the computer from visiting, AND THEY WILL BE BLOCKED. The use the “Website Log” screen to review where they’ve been, or set ccINFORMER to email you a report each day of where they have gone on the Internet. Additionally, use the “Video Recorder” to record what they have seen, what they have read, and what they have typed on the Internet.
ccINFORMER can automatically email you the report of sites visited by your child or employee every day. Even if the computer is off, it will send the email the next day as soon as it is turned on. If you have more than one computer with ccINFORMER on it, you can customize the subject of each one so you know where the report came from.
Review the list of sites visited and those blocked by ccINFORMER. From this screen you can quickly block a site from future visits, add a site to the “green list” of allowed sites, view a site or print the report.

OTHER FEATURES (revised for version 2.0):

  • Use NEW Remote Viewer optional add-on to view video and website logs from a different computer on your network.
  • Password protected.
  • Easy to switch filtering off and on, for parents unabated use.
  • Video files can be selected by date.
  • "Anti-Sabotage" feature automatically repairs program when attempts are made to turn it off.
  • Option to automatically delete video logs after a set time period.
  • Ability to adjust the quality of the video recordings.
  • Ability to save videos and website logs to a location outside the computer (external hard drive, flash drive, another computer on network).
  • Customizable block page.
  • Works with ALL web browsers (AOL software users can only benefit from screen recording -AOL manages it's own site blocking.)



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Windows Vista
Windows XP, with SP2 or...
Windows 2000 with SP4
.Net Framework 2.0 (installation files included)
Enough free hard drive space to store the videos